Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Retinol to the rescue!

This post is sponsored by Olay.

For the past 4 weeks I have incorporated Olay Retinol24 products to my nighttime routine, and it has been game changing. My skin looks healthier and feels softer. 

My favorite product from the collection has been the Night Moisturizer. Trust me when I say that this is the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t leave any residue on your skin and feels so smooth to the touch. I apply it after I wash my face before going to bed and the next day, I wake up with my skin feeling so healthy and soft.

This is my first time trying retinol so I thought I would share more information about what this means in case this is also your first time hearing about it.

Retinol24 gives you smoother and brighter skin in 24 hours. It’s working your skin all night and it makes you feel like you don’t even need as much makeup. For me, this product has been key for this month. During October I wear a lot of makeup for creative looks and my skin usually feels dry by the end of the day, but Retinol24 products have been making my skin feel amazing even after all the work I did that day.

The amount of retinol doesn’t matter so much as the way it's combined with other ingredients. Olay’s formula with vitamin B3 plus retinoid complex hydrates better than the #1 bestselling retinol.

Olay made nighttime routines so much easier with 3 Key products: 

Serum- apply after you cleanse your face
Eye cream- you can use this after you moisturize
Moisturizer- After using a serum
*Note: it is not recommended to use all three products at once. Especially if you are new to Retinol products. *

I tried all 3 of them combined and they work fantastic. My skin is super sensitive, and I didn’t experience any irritation. 

Can’t wait to continue using these products and see all the amazing benefits. Click here to get yours today!

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